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Terms and Conditions

(Støt dit favorithold i Power Ligaen – Sponsor status)


These Terms and Conditions (the ‘’Terms”) contain the terms and conditions that apply to activation of a Sponsor status and purchase of a Sponsor Badge (the ‘’Badge’’). By clicking to buy you indicate that these Terms constitute a binding agreement between you (‘’User’’, “you”,‘’your’’) and Dust2.dk (‘’us’’, ‘’we’’, “our”) and that you have read and understood the following terms.




  1. In order to gain Sponsor status, User must be registered and have an account on Dust2.dk.
  2. User must be over 16 years old.
  3. User must be a resident of Denmark.
  4. User is allowed to purchase more Badges per account.




Start date from which users will be able to activate their Sponsor status is August 30, 2021. The closing date is November 30, 2021, unless a later end date is specified in the relevant promotional materials.




Users can choose between a Silver badge (50 DKK) or Golden badge (100 DKK). Please note, a payment of 50 DKK (VAT included) or 100 DKK (VAT included) is required for activation of your Sponsor status. In return you will receive the chosen Badge and that is how your Sponsor status is activated.


To activate your Sponsor status, please follow the steps listed below:


  1. Visit liga.dust2.dk/saesonkort;
  2. Choose the team you would like to sponsor;
  3. Write your username if you want to receive a badge on your dust2.dk profile. User must ensure that its username is correctly written;
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Pay using our secure payment processor Stripe




  1. The Badge will be automatically displayed on your profile no later than 72 hours after the User’s request is submitted and the payment has been proceeded. There is no requirement to send the confirmation of your payment. Dust2.dk is not responsible if it is unable to display the Badge in a set timeframe due to technical malfunctions;
  2. Once the Badge is displayed, there is no possibility to change the team you are sponsoring;
  3. The Badge will be displayed on Users’ profile until the end of the Power Ligaen Season 18 (‘’Season’’), including playoffs and relegation. 




  1. Sponsor status activation fee is 50 DKK (VAT included) or 100 DKK (VAT included);  
  2. If a payment is not successfully settled due to expiration of a Credit Card, insufficient funds, or otherwise, you may not gain the Sponsor status;
  3. We are not liable for the actions or inactions of a payment processor.




  1. By accepting these Terms you give your express prior consent and acknowledge that as soon as your payment is processed you lose the right to withdraw from this agreement and activation of your Sponsor status;
  2. Once the Badge is displayed on your profile you can not request its removal until the end of the Season. However, in particular cases upon your request substantiated by well-founded reasons which validity shall be determined in our sole discretion, we may remove the Badge displayed on your profile;
  3. We do not provide refunds.




  1. Any issues or doubts which have no clear guidelines in the above rules will be dealt at the discretion of the Dust2.dk administration. If you wish to contest some of our decisions you can do so by sending an email to [email protected];
  2. All claims arising out of these Terms are governed by the laws of Denmark, excluding conflict of laws rules. In a case of dispute, you agree to the jurisdiction of the competent court in Denmark;
  3. For all questions please contact us at [email protected].



  1. We reserve the right to make changes to these Terms at our sole discretion, and will notify users of any significant changes in the relevant promotional material on our site Dust2.dk.